"Taste the Biscuit" in retrospect

Taste the Biscuit is an authentic legend in outsider music, enjoying surges of viral interest at the exact point each new social media platform is ready for it. After a decade, it has aged so well that Rolling Stone saw fit to publish a retrospective about the song, the creators, the video and the latest wave of magically deranged mashups and remixes.

"It's just a sexy food song, probably written under the influence of eating KFC back in 2009," Gargiulo tells me in an Instagram DM. Piper, whose voice you hear on the track, says that "Vincent wrote Seventies genre songs in several of the styles prevalent then, making them catchy as hell, but just off enough that you see why this fictional duo only had one album and one hit." She remembers that "Taste the Biscuit" achieved standalone meme status after the online success of Chickens in the Shadows, and "was picked up by all kinds of fans who did their own versions or duets on YouTube: hip-hop kids, kids from the Midwest and, for some reason, Phish fans."