The anime that was lost to time

I remember a time when anime was niche. Before Toonami and the advent of high-speed internet, anime felt like an underground secret. If you stumbled across a copy of Ninja Scroll or Appleseed at Blockbuster, you felt like you'd found the lost city of gold. Now that anime is as commonplace as more "traditional" cartoons; there's an impressive array of titles for you to choose from. Even though modern anime's polish and kinetic fight scenes have their appeal, I still crave the style of anime I grew up on. Consequently, I'm always on the prowl for shows and movies that might have slipped under my radar from the late 80s and early 90s.

In the video linked above, YouTuber Kenny Lauderdale reveals himself as a kindred spirit in my cause by searching for an anime that may or may not exist. There's enough evidence to support that it should exist, but the lack of episodes or fans is puzzling. Give the video a watch and check out the equivalent of anime's city of Roanoke.