Vladimir Putin has been showing off his black belt for years, but no more. He's now beltless

By the looks of all the sparring videos of Vladimir Putin on YouTube, the fascist dictator took pride in his Taekwondo black belt. He's been showing off his moves with judo teams and Olympic athletes for at least the last decade. And it wasn't just any black belt, but the highly esteemed, honorary 9th dan black belt, awarded to him in 2013, of which President Barack Obama also has.

So it must have stung when, on Monday, World Taekwondo, which internationally governs the sport, announced that Putin's "brutal attacks on innocent lives in Ukraine" went "against the World Taekwondo vision of 'Peace is More Precious than Triumph,'" and stripped Putin of his black belt.

From CBS:

World Taekwondo also said that Russian flags and anthems will not be displayed or played at their events, nor will those of Belarus, a close Russian ally.

No taekwondo events will be organized or recognized in the two countries for the time being, the organization said. 

"World Taekwondo's thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and we hope for a peaceful and immediate end to this war," the organization said. …

On Sunday, Putin was also suspended as the honorary president and ambassador of the International Judo Federation. The 69-year-old Putin is a judo black belt and co-authored a book titled "Judo: History, Theory, Practice."