This Saturday, pay $52 to take an online SAT test. The highest score wins the pot.

There are all sorts of ways you could fill a fool's spring Saturday afternoon (yard work! a good book! the new Batman movie!) but if something possesses you to re-take the SATs, you're in luck. At noon ET on March 5th, art collective MSCHF is hosting a live SAT that costs $52 to join. If you get the highest score with the fastest time, you can take home the entire pot— which is currently at $15,000 and only going to go up.

Perhaps you haven't taken a college entrance exam since you were sixteen. Not to worry! Cheating is both allowed and encouraged. The project's website says that "if two participants have equal scores, the fastest time wins. There is only 1 winner." The time crunch makes me think that the best strategy would involve wrangling up a big group of people with different skill sets and employing the old divide-and-conquer method, but I suppose if you're an SAT wonk you could just crank it out yourself. By the way— the real SAT, which is rapidly falling out of favor, is set to be fully online by 2024.

MSCHF is an art collective founded by ex-Buzzfeed employees that specializes in viral pranks like giving away a car with Mr. Beast, selling "illegal chips", auctioning an Andy Warhol piece for $250, and selling paintings of medical bills to pay medical bills. They also worked with Lil Nas X to create Nike shoes allegedly made with a single drop of blood.