You already know the U.S. healthcare system is broke, but this graph is still shocking

Health care in the United States costs much more per capita than in other countries, but life expectancy is considerably lower. This chart shows that Japan and Switzerland spend thousands less per year and people live five years longer. Although there are several reasons why the United States spends more on health care than other countries and yet has poorer outcomes, one of the most significant is that our health care system is based on for-profit corporations. Our health care system is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the corporations that operate our hospitals and clinics are interested in making money, not providing quality healthcare. Elected representatives are bribed with campaign contributions in exchange for favorable legislation, and decades of propaganda have convinced Americans that a national health system is socialism and thus evil. In reality, a national health system is a much more efficient way to deliver health care, and it would save taxpayers billions of dollars. Until we have campaign donation reform and Americans are better informed about the benefits of a national health system, our health care system will continue to be dysfunctional.