New York man tries to hike in Arizona but calls to be rescued twice in two days

A Brooklyn man ventured out of the safe confines of New York to hike a mountain trail in Arizona — where he thereupon called 911 twice in two days to be rescued.

His bad luck in the great outdoors started last Wednesday during a hike in the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, according to ABC15. After getting lost, he called to be rescued at 7pm.

The very next day at 5pm, while on a different hike, the man called 911 again — this time because he fell and injured himself. The Arizona Department of Public Safety had to send out a rescue helicopter to pick him up — along with another hiker who was trying to help, according to CBS.

From ABC15:

Coconino County Sheriff's officials say the Brooklyn man first called 911 on Wednesday at about 7 p.m. to say he got lost while hiking in the San Francisco Peaks, north of Flagstaff.

Humphreys Trail runs through miles of steep, rocky terrain. It is near Humphreys Peak, the state's highest point with an elevation of more than 12,600 feet.

Snowcat vehicles from the ski resort drove the man off the mountain and he declined medical attention.

The next day, the hiker called 911 to say he needed help after injuring himself in a fall near the saddle area of Humphreys Trail.

After the second call, Sheriff's officials said they kindly offered the man "preventative search-and-rescue education about the conditions on the trail and the approaching winter storm." And, more importantly, the man was "encouraged to not attempt the hike again."