Watch side-by-side videos of Fox bashing protestors and the protesting trucker convoy

"How do you have time to protest!?" says an exasperated Sean Hannity as video of the anti-vax trucker convoy rolling down a highway plays (see below). "I would never!"

"My God," a disgusted Laura Ingraham chimes in, alongside B-roll of protestors in flag-waving trucks camping out for the night. "These protestors, they're going to act out and have their temper tantrums because that's what they do. The rest of us have to work."

The Daily Show reminds us with this supercut video just how much Fox reporters despise protestors — the "least impressive people in our society" … Oh wait. Wrong footage. Ahem.

Fox doesn't actually hate all protestors. These old clips of Fox hypocrites were actually shot during the Black Lives Matter rallies. Oops.