Middle school teacher denies biting two students over jar of pickles, admits to licking their arms

In Polk County, Florida, Bartow Middle School teacher Rhonda Rice stands accused of biting two students over a jar of pickles. Apparently, Rice allegedly attempted to grab a jar of pickles from the school store when two students working there tried to stop her. The students claim she responded by biting their forearms. The students went to the school administration but Rice denied biting them. Rather, she stated that she licked them.

Rice faces two misdemeanor battery charges and, after administrative leave and a three day suspension, she's now teaching at Sleepy Hill Middle School. I can only hope that the store there doesn't stock pickles.

"Although she described her actions as playing around with students, we expect our employees to act professionally and serve as models of mature behavior. They must set a good example for students to follow, and anything less is unacceptable," Polk County Public Schools spokesperson Jason Geary stated.


image (cropped): akf ffm/Shutterstock.com