The gorgeous color palettes of The Simpsons

Television is a collaborative medium; that's not news. Hundreds of creative minds are required to sherpa a show from the wilds of imagination into reality. As with any job, some positions are more glamorous than others. When it comes to The Simpsons, most fans- hardcore and casual alike- can rattle off the names of creator Matt Groening and the stellar crew of voice actors(Hank Azaria, Nancy Cartwright, and Dan Castellaneta, to name a few) as critical contributors to the show's greatness. It's not like they're wrong, but there are a host of unsung heroes- in far less-publicized positions- that are equally as instrumental in The Simpson's staying power.

The Instagram page Simpsons Palettes shines a light on the beautiful and meticulously arranged color palettes that endow the show with its trademark verve. By taking cells from key episodes, Simpsons Palettes helps remind fans about how wonderfully intentional all of the design choices in television are.