Pete Davidson to ride Jeff Bezos' rocket

Apparently beating Ye to space, celebrity dating expert and SNL personality Pete Davidson has made arrangements to ride Jeff Bezos' very masculine rocket.


Davidson will be joined on his flight by five paying customers. They include Marty Allen, an investor and the former CEO of a party supply store; Jim Kitchen, an entrepreneur and business professor; George Nield, a former associate administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation; Marc Hagle, an Orlando real estate developer and his wife, Sharon Hagle, who founded a space-focused nonprofit.

The crew will spend a few days training at Blue Origin's facilities in West Texas before the flight day, when they'll climb into the New Shepard crew capsule that sits atop the rocket. After liftoff, the rocket will tear past the speed of sound, and near the top of its flight path, will detach from the capsule. As the rocket booster heads back toward the Earth for an upright landing, the crewed capsule will continue soaring higher into the atmosphere to more than 60 miles above the surface where the blackness of space is visible and the capsule's windows will offer sweeping views of the Earth.