Randy Rainbow jabs both Marge and Bobo with his one-two punch "Gurl, You're a Karen"

After a bit of a dry spell, Randy Rainbow is back with one of his most satisfying parodies yet, in which he heckles both Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert in one catty fell swoop. He begins with an "interview" with Greene, in which, at one point during their supercut back-and-forth, he asks, "How do you balance your day job as a bigoted, fame-hungry conspiracy theorist with your personal life as a bigoted, hypocritical seditionist and overall threat to civilization?"

And then soon enough, to the tune of Little Shop of Horrors' "Dentist!" he breaks into song (watch below).

"And there's a new strain of mutations at large. Some go by 'Lauren,' and others by 'Marge,'" he sings, lumping together the two Qongresswomen in "Gurl, You're a Karen."

Girl you're a Karen
And you get off on the fits that you pitch
Cause you're a Karen
You're just a racist ass basic white … don't make me say it! (bitch)
You act all entitled and macho [Bobo with rifle]
You advocate hate and condemn gazpacho [Marge] …