Sweet video of Paul, George, and Ringo in 1994 playing a ukulele version of "Ain't She Sweet"

In 1994, the surviving Beatles—Paul, George, and Ringo—gathered at George's home to work on The Beatles Anthology and performed a few numbers for the documentary. Above, their very sweet rendition of the Tin Pan Alley standard "Ain't She Sweet."

Below, more video of that delightful indoor/outdoor session. From Far Out:

 "It was just two acoustic guitars and me on brushes," Ringo confirmed. [Inside, the] band performed bits of 'Raunchy', 'Thinking of Linking' and 'Blue Moon of Kentucky'. For those in the know, 'Raunchy' is a very special track for the Beatles.

It was the song that a 14-year-old George Harrison performed on the back of a bus as he auditioned for Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Despite George's comparatively young age, Lennon was so impressed by Harrison's note-perfect performance he invited him to be a part of The Quarrymen, who would later become The Beatles.

(via Laughing Squid)