Cop uses stun gun on Black DoorDash driver who wanted the officer's supervisor (video)

A DoorDash delivery driver, Delane Gordon, was stopped by a cop in Tennessee for allegedly speeding. When Gordon, who is Black, calmly said he didn't want to get out of the car because he felt uncomfortable, and asked to speak to the officer's supervisor, the cop grabbed him and aggressively tried to force him out of the car. He then shot Gordon with a stun gun.

Video footage taken by Gordon (below) shows the hostile cop screaming "Get out!" while aiming a stun gun at the driver.

"You can't do that, officer, because I called for your supervisor," Gordon said, while the cop kept repeating "Get out!"

"Sir, I don't feel comfortable. Please get your supervisor," Gordon said.

"I don't give a shit what your want. I said get out!"

While the cop — whose name still hasn't been released by his police department in Collegedale — reached into the car and manhandled Gordon, Gordon said, "It's all on tape. Please don't hurt me. Please stop. … This is not lawful." This line seemed to trigger the officer, who then used his stun gun on the passive driver:

From HuffPost:

The man wound up facing additional charges of resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, his attorney said.

Attorney Ryan Wheeler released the video at a news conference Friday, saying Delane Gordon began recording when the March 10 stop started to make him feel unsafe. Police in Collegedale, a city of some 11,000 people about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Chattanooga, have thus far declined to identify the officer. …

Wheeler said Gordon was a few hundred feet (meters) away from where he was delivering food for DoorDash when an officer made a U-turn and pulled him over. Gordon questioned why he was getting pulled over, the attorney said. …

Gordon was booked, made bond and was released, Wheeler said.

The Collegedale Police Department has not put the officer on leave, said Lt. Jamie Heath.