New large study shows Ivermectin makes things worse

Once again, a study from the Brazilian clinical trial known as TOGETHER published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that Ivermectin has no positive benefits for people suffering COVID-19 and likely makes things worse.

NY Times:

In a new study published on Wednesday, the TOGETHER team reported on its ivermectin data. Between March and August 2021, the researchers provided the drug to 679 patients over the course of three days.

The results were clear: Taking ivermectin did not reduce a Covid patient's risk of ending up in the hospital.

The researchers zeroed in on different groups of volunteers to see if they experienced benefits that others didn't. For example, it might be possible that ivermectin only worked if taken early in an infection. But volunteers who took ivermectin in the first three days after a positive coronavirus test turned out to have worse outcomes than did those in the placebo group.