Someone built a working replica of Kaneda's motorcycle from Akira

From Comic Book Resources:

The new project comes from Japanese YouTuber and motorcycle enthusiast Ayato. The builder, who is also known by their YouTube screenname Teruteru Boizu, began the project about six months ago. The impressive replica began as an old junk bike, which the YouTuber stripped down to just its frame, engine and tires. Ayato then fabricated a new shell to recreate the look of Kaneda's ride, and built a custom suspension to ensure that bike looked and rode like its anime and manga counterpart. The latest video shows how they added LED lighting to its wheels, recreating the futuristic glow of bike. While the replica is still incomplete and lacks the motorcycle's distinct red paint and corporate branding, it is already a very impressive recreation of what may be the most famous bike in anime and manga history.

Pretty cool! Though apparently he's hardly the first to do this. Presumably, the others were captured by a shadowy government organizations and/or forced into conflict with some volatile psychic entities.