Watch: Fox's Steve Doocy tries to own the libs but, like son Peter, gets schooled instead

Fox's father-son duo Steve and Peter Doocy have something in common. They both ask ignorant questions that backfire in their face. While Jen Psaki is always quick-witted with the emphasis on wit when schooling little Peter, CEO Brian Niccol seamlessly put papa Steve in his place this morning with just the dry simple facts.

It started when Fox & Friends' Doocy tried to own the libs, insinuating that Chipotle's new tortilla chip-making robot, Chippy, was created because of inflation and a shortage of workers. "We've talked so much about how hard it is to find people to work, and how expensive things are. Is that one of the reasons why you decided to enlist Chippy for chipotle?"

But his question splattered when Niccol's answer completely contradicted Doocy's premise, instead demonstrating some advances being made during the Biden administration.

"Actually for us, it was more driven by the fact that the cost of robotics and automation has come way down," he said. "And the advancement in the size has also come way down. It's almost like what you saw with computers. Twenty years ago computers used to take up whole floors β€” now they're in the palm of your hand."