Read the first 5 pages of Justice Warriors, Matt Bors' new Judge Dredd-esque sci-fi parody

Back in February, The Nib founder Matt Bors announced his first comic book miniseries alongside collaborator Ben Clarkson. As io9 described it at the time:

Inspired by Clarkson's own animated work on the concept, Justice Warriors—the first monthly comic series either cartoonist has ever been involved in—follows two police officers, Swamp Cop and Schitt, whose beat is inside the protective shell of Bubble City: the first "perfect" city in the world. In a society where everyone is equal and equally prosperous, and there's no crime at all, you might think Swamp Cop and Schitt's life as officers of the law is pretty quiet—if it weren't for the Uninhabited Zone just outside of Bubble City, a slum town where the actual bulk of a now-mutated humanity lives.

A satirical series, Justice Warriors follows Swamp Cop and Schitt—Swamp Cop's new partner, who replaces one killed by a Bubble City self-driving bus—as the former slowly becomes traumatized by having witnessed the closest thing to a crime Bubble City has. Swamp Cop finds himself facing two choices: arrest the bus that killed his old partner, or drag his new one out into the Uninhabited Zone to enact a very loose sense of justice outside of Bubble City's walls. With everything from white collar crime to a cyberpunk gang using social media to go to war against Bubble City's pop star mayor, suffice to say the duo's policing career is about to get busy.

The comic isn't out until June, but ScreenRant just shared a 5-page preview, and it is all the glorious dystopian satire you hoped it would be.

Exclusive: First Preview of JUSTICE WARRIORS from Ahoy Comics [Justin Epps / ScreenRant]