Jordan Klepper reveals who the Trump party wants to emulate, and it ain't for freedoms

Along with blatant racism, "Don't Say Gay" rhetoric, and rampant book banning, another of the GOP's latest obsessions is Hungary — "an authoritarian, ethno-nationalist blueprint" for the United States, as The Guardian put it last summer.

So in February, The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper "fingered the pulse" by first visiting Orlando's annual MAGA circus, where "CPAC is Trump," as one attendee put it (see video below), to Hungary, the "barely democratic democracy" whose far right-wing leader, Viktor Orban, was endorsed by Donald Trump not once but twice.

Orban, whose "government knows all your contacts," as one of Klepper's interviewees said, is also a favorite of Tucker Carlson, who immersed himself in Budapest for a week's worth of shows, including a special, promoting the country as one "for us to emulate."

The highlights of Klepper's stupidity tour are included in the clip below, a preview of his longer, half-hour special, Jordan Klepper: Hungary for Democracy, which premieres April 21.