Human-shaped lead sarcophagus found under the floor of Notre Dame Cathedral to be opened. Cue heavy metal music.

Three years after the horrible fire that burned the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, archaeologists report the discovery of a human-shaped lead sarcophagus and other tombs deep underneath the flooring. According to French National Archeological Institute archeologist Christophe Besnier, the sarcophagus may be from the 14th century but they will know much more when they soon open it up. As a meme making the rounds states: cue heavy metal music. From NPR:

"We were able to send a small camera inside which showed cloth remains, organic matter such as hair and plant remains," Besnier said.

He says the plant material indicates that the contents of the sarcophagus have been well preserved and could be from a boxwood tree, which was used to preserve the bodies of the social elite.

France's National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research says it will attempt to identify and date the remains, believing them to be of an important individual.

image: Ankor Light/