Electric chopsticks make food taste saltier

Japanese researchers developed a pair of electric chopsticks that increase the salty taste in every bite of food. Meiji University engineer Homei Miyashita collaborated with food and beverage firm Kirin to create the device which involves a wrist-worn computer wired to one of the chopsticks. From The Guardian:

The device transmits sodium ions from food, through the chopsticks, to the mouth where they create a sense of saltiness[…]

The chopsticks use "very weak electricity – not enough to affect the human body – to adjust the function of ions such as sodium chloride and sodium glutamate to change the perception of taste by making food seem to taste stronger or weaker", Kirin said in a statement.

Miyashita and Kirin said clinical tests on people who follow a low-sodium diet had confirmed that the device enhances the salty taste of low-sodium food by about 1.5 times. They said participants given reduced-salt miso soup had commented on the improved "richness, sweetness and overall tastiness" of the dish.