Spain blocks British nationals from entering via Gibraltar

Brits who thought it was a jolly good idea to secede from the European Union are now in a state of "disbelief and confusion" after Spanish authorities started blocking them from entering the county from neighboring Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory.

From City AM:

Numerous British citizens were unable to enter Spain yesterday as authorities at the border with Gibraltar demanded to see hotel reservations and evidence of onward travel, such as a return ticket or train reservation. Those who were unable to do so were refused entry into Spain.

The development comes as Spanish authorities are stepping up controls on people from non-EU countries trying to enter the bloc via or from Gibraltar. The checks intensified earlier this week, various local media reported.

A number of travellers were also asked to show proof of funds for the duration of their stay in Spain, the Express newspaper reported, which wrote that not only Brits but also a range of other, non-EU nationals have been affected by the tighter border checks.

I guess there's always Blackpool for you lot.