Watch Ken from Street Fighter in a post-fight media scrum

Even though we come for the action, if fight fans are sincere, we love the talk surrounding a contest a smidge more. Muhammad Ali wouldn't have become a legend if he didn't have such a braggadocious and flamboyant personality and verbal patter. In some cases, when a fight doesn't live up to the hype, the trash talk leading to the event becomes the best part of the bout. The lion's share of attention for fight talk usually falls on the pre-fight press conference, but the post-fight conversations are even better in several cases. 

Despite how ridiculously they exaggerated the concept of combat, at their core, fighting games retain a host of the core principles that fuel any good fight. They even have their own bizarre versions of post-fight trash talk. However, what if the post-fight interview in fighting games carried a bit more realism? Lowbrow Studios' YouTube channel explores the idea in the video above, as Ken Masters from the Street Fighter series holds a post-fight media scrum.