Transphobic frozen food heir lies about his Twitter account to aggrandize billionaire

After posting a transphobic tweet on Twitter, frozen food heir, and Vladimir Putin fanboi, Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson was briefly banned. When the tweet was removed his account was unlocked, however, he failed to use the account again until last night, when Carlson claimed that Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk set the account free.

Perhaps Mr. Carlson's bromeopathically tanned scrotum has interfered with his memory.


Twitter locked Carlson's account for violating the platform's rules on hateful conduct and informed the Fox host that his time-out would be over if he deleted the tweet, prompting Carlson to rant about "censorship" on his program the next day.

Mediaite reported on March 23 that the tweet had been removed, allowing Carlson to freely post to his heart's content.

However, the account stayed silent for more than a month until it posted about being "back" on Monday night, giving the false impression that free speech champion Musk had cast off Carlson's shackles.