Woman made a slo-mo getaway on stolen lawnmower, wanted by police

A woman in Alabama was spotted driving a stolen lawnmower that was pulling a stolen trailer that was carrying a bunch of stolen stuff, including a University of Alabama sign. And police in the small town of Flomation are determined to track her down.

According to the Flomation Police Department's Facebook page, nine thieves were involved in the "Lawn Mower Bandit Case," which occurred on April 24th. They used a type of bolt-cutter tool to break into a home, stealing the items mentioned above. And at least one of them — the woman making a slow dash through town on the stolen lawnmower — is still on the lam.

If you see a masked lady mowing grass who was last seen "wearing possible apple bottom jeans, looks like slides with no fur," and who answers to the name of Diana (no last name can be found in official databases), that's probably her!