Arby's manager accused of peeing into milkshake mix — might have made up to 40 shakes with it

If your Arby's milkshake tasted a bit off last last fall, and you happen to live in Vancouver, Washington, it might not have been your imagination. A 29-year-old Arby's manager was accused of peeing into a bag of milkshake mix not once but at least twice, according to The Guardian. He then claims he is "almost sure" he tossed out the bag, but if he didn't, the added ingredient may have ended up in 30–40 shakes and at least one ice cream float that was served on October 30th at the Mill Plain location.

The gentleman was caught while detectives were searching his phone for an entirely different investigation — one that involved child sex abuse images. While looking on his phone, they discovered his unsavory Arby's shenanigans in a 16-second video he shot.

From The Guardian:

The manager made one court appearance last Wednesday on child abuse image allegations and another on Friday, for a new allegation of second-degree assault with sexual motivation, after police said they found the 16-second urination video. …

He said he was working alone in the restaurant that night and that he did it for sexual gratification.

He told detectives that if he did not throw the bag away, it would have been added to other mix by the next shift and served to customers, police said. …

A judge raised the man's bail Friday from $5,000 to $40,000. He is scheduled to be arraigned 25 May.