After receiving insults for insulting a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Jordan Peterson departs from Twitter in a snit

Canadian pop psychologist Jordan Peterson's feelings were hurt so much by people making fun of him for body-shaming a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model that he announced he is backing away from Twitter. On May 16, Peterson posted a photo of model Yumi Nu on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the comment "Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that."

After Twitter users responded negatively, Peterson complained, "The endless flood of vicious insult is really not something that can be experienced anywhere else. I like to follow the people I know but I think the incentive structure of the platform makes it intrinsically and dangerously insane."

Shortly after that, he announced, "So I told my staff to change my password, to keep me from temptation, and am departing once again. If I have something to say I'll write an article or make a video. If the issue is not important enough to justify that then perhaps it would be best to just let it go."