Does "bionic" text read better to you?

Bionic Reading bolds certain syllables under the hypothesis that this makes it easier to read and absorb bodies of text. Check out this example, posted to Twitter by UX expert Juan Buis:

I definitely found the bionic text easier to read! However, the standard text is so thin that I simply found it hard to read. Bionic Reading's official website examples are pictures of text instead of actual text (not exactly a ringing endorsement of their proposition to improve native text through an API), but I think they're set in Inter, like the rest of the site, and found that using bolder (but not quite bold) weights had a similar effect on legibility. There are all sorts of variations on the theme, with different opacities and weights, to tailor the bionic reading experience to your old, tired peepers. Some of them I found made it easier to scan, especially at small on-screen sizes. But the more aggressive variations I just found distracting and "broken", almost like "sarcastic spongebob" text.

Bionic Reading allows your eyes to "skip" over the words and text. Similar to a surfboard that only glides on the tip of the waves.

How about it, mutes?