Gentleman owns the libs by burning his daughters' $3,500 Olivia Rodrigo tickets

Here's a fellow who claims he paid $3,500 for Olivia Rodrigo concert tickets, but when he found out that he and his daughters would be required to show proof of vaccination to attend the concert, he printed a PDF of the tickets and burned them while giving a speech about his freedoms.

As he sets the pieces of paper ablaze while standing in the driveway he says:

You're looking at $3,500 in concert tickets to a concert that wants to control me, that wants to tell you and I want to put in our bodies. And the bottom line is: create the life that you are in personal control, what goes into your body to where you do not get bullied by a system, or people, or anyone to do something that compromises or sacrifices exactly what you're meant to do in the life you're meant to lead. Take a stand, folks.

This fine gent would never reprint the tickets and sell them to someone else, either, because Trump supporters are known for their honesty and integrity.

In any case, I'm sure Ms. Rodrigo appreciates the $3,500 donation.