At least two Teslas catch fire in separate incidents over the weekend (video)

Last weekend saw two different reports — with video — of Teslas on fire.

One Tesla burst into flames last Friday in Vancouver, Canada (see first video below). The driver, whose battery suddenly died, got trapped inside his 2021 Tesla Model Y that was filling up with smoke. "The power didn't work, the door didn't open, the window didn't go down," he told YouTube's Storyful. He broke a window to escape, and soon after, the car became engulfed with flames. The driver said the Tesla "pushed an error notification and then powered down," before filling up with smoke, according to Electrek.

The second fire occurred on Sunday at a Tesla dealership in Mimai (second video below), which damaged three cars on the lot. The cause of the fire wasn't disclosed yesterday on NBCMiami.

While we're on the topic, in March another Tesla caught on fire in a Miami car crash that killed the driver and left the car completely charred.