Seth MacFarlane on Wired's autocomplete

I was a fan of Seth MacFarlane before I hit double digits in age. My first exposure came via his Cartoon Network short Larry and Steve, which was essentially an early stab at Family Guy. Even though there was only one Larry and Steve episode ever produced, I would always break for it whenever it aired in reruns. Consequently, I was smitten with Family Guy from the first night it aired. 

For those who weren't fans of the show in its first run, Fox made it intensely difficult to follow the adventures of the Griffin family. The network would constantly switch the nights the show ran. In addition to the erratic schedule, once my mom saw what her son was watching, Family Guy was forbidden in my home. However, I still couldn't quit MacFarlane, so I clandestinely pressed on with my Family Guy addiction.

After years of diehard fandom, it's great to watch Seth finally become the entertainment mogul I knew he could be. I may miss a few here and there, but I still try to catch as many interviews with MacFarlane as I can, and the video linked above is no exception. In the video, MacFarlane participates in Wired's amusing YouTube series, Autocomplete Interview