Minority rule in the United States is getting worse

The majority of Americans want gun control, but it hasn't happened because the United States is under minority rule of Christian Nationalists. The majority of Americans want abortion rights but are losing them because the Christian Nationalists are becoming more powerful.

From Anne Helen Petersen's essay, "This is What Happens When You Live Under Minority Rule":

The United States has always, in some capacity, been governed through some form of minority rule. But the last 22 years (and the last six in particular) have underlined just how difficult it is for the will of the majority to translate into policy or governmental action. It feels like the United States is regressing, but we're actually just getting redrawn according to this minority group's architectural renderings of a Christian Nationalist Theocracy. We're free to pound on the doors (politely, of course, and certainly not in a way that would make any Supreme Court justice feel uncomfortable). But we're stuck in the design. With all these motherfucking guns.