Eye Burn, Etheric Ships, Energy People, and other far out terms from a UFO researcher's index card collection

Legendary chronicler of the strange, Fortean author John Keel (1930-2009) is best known for his 1976 book The Mothman Prophecies, an investigation into bizarre phenomena that reportedly occurred around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in 1966-1967. Of course, that book was made into a Hollywood film in 2002. However, The Mothman Prophecies just scratched the surface of Keel's experiences in the realm of high weirdness. The fine tribute site JohnKeel.com is sharing entries from Keely's unpublished UFO Dictionary. I appreciate how each entry is typed (or occasionally handwritten) on an index card seemingly for organizational purposes and ease of expansion. Some of the terms would make for excellent band names. Others could serve as provocative cues for short science fiction stories or Twilight Zone episodes. Far out.

From JohnKeel.com: