Multiple manholes explode in downtown Boston, injuring one person

At least two manhole covers in Boston's Financial District exploded and caught fire this morning, shattering a window, causing the evacuation of two buildings, and sending one person to the hospital. (See video below.)

The explosions were caused by "over pressurization underground."

From 10Boston:

Boston fire officials said they responded to 10 High St. for two manhole fires that shattered the window of the office building. They said both 175 Federal St. and 10 High St. have been evacuated. They also said they were checking the surrounding buildings for any smoke and using meters to check for elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

One manhole cover was found several feet away from the opening; the woman who was injured was burned, possibly by steam, but she was able to walk to an ambulance.

"When we're using a ton of electricity and power, the equipment's just being overused, overtaxed," [Deputy Fire Chief Brian] Tully said, adding, "I believe the energy system in our city is safe."