Watch: Man has fist fight with kangaroo who tried to snatch his pups

A man named Cliff Des tried to scare off a six-foot kangaroo in Australia who was harassing his dogs. But rather than take a hint, the kangaroo took aim at Des, leading to a drawn-out round of fisticuffs between the two. Fortunately, 59-year-old Des happened to be a former boxing trainer, which came in handy.

"I thought, this guy means business …" he said, according to "It gouged me on the top of my head. It bit my finger. Then it put its back claw through my leg, about an inch-and-a-half through my back leg, shredded my pants down to the cuff."

Although injured, Des was able to knock out his opponent after six long minutes. And in the end, the kangaroo hopped away unscathed.

Captured on a security camera, the boxing match only came into view of the camera during the last 30 seconds or so (see below), but it's fascinating to watch.