Do kangaroos dream of eclectic sheep?

Meet Ella, a gorgeous kangaroo who lives at the Kangaroo Pouch Animal Orphanage. But sshh, she's sleeping, so be very quiet! I just love watching this cutie sleep. If you watch the video, you can see how her ears and nose and mouth and eyes and paws are all twitching—she clearly looks like she's dreaming about something. I wonder what kangaroos dream about?

I wish the person filming hadn't woken her up—she looks so grumpy and annoyed, which I totally understand. Hopefully she was able to get right back to sleep!

Kangaroo Pouch Animal Orphanage is a not-for-profit Registered Charity located in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. They state that their purpose is to provide "a safe environment for injured, rescued and orphaned animals." For more photos and videos of the adorable animals who live at Kangaroo Pouch, check out their Facebook page.

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