Things got creepy in a New York courtroom when someone released hundreds of cockroaches

An altercation during an arraignment in Albany, New York turned pesky yesterday morning when someone released hundreds of cockroaches into the courtroom. It's not clear who opened up the plastic containers of lettuce and Madagascar hissing cockroaches, but the insects were set free after one of four defendants who had been arrested at the state Capitol was told to stop filming.

From Huff Post:

The clash broke out during proceedings in Albany City Court for four people for an arrest at the state Capitol. A defendant who started to film the courtroom proceedings was told to stop. In the altercation that followed, hundreds of cockroaches brought into the courthouse in plastic containers were released, according to the state court system.

Court officers arrested a 34-year-old woman in the audience for charges related to the altercation, including disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental administration and tampering with physical evidence.

And from Times Union:

In court papers, police alleged that now-former $80,000-a-year Senate staffer Clyanna Lightbourn, 34, of Troy, played an integral role in the incident by causing a fracas that allowed conspirators to unleash the cockroaches. It was apparently part of an unorthodox protest over the State Police arrests of demonstrators who were objecting to rent issues last month at the state Capitol.

The courthouse closed down for the rest of Tuesday so that roach-busters could fumigate, but was reportedly reopened today.