How did Juul burn out so quickly?

When a slew of respiratory ailments tied to vaping started popping up in news outlets across the country, I couldn't say I was surprised. During the peak of vaping's initial popularity, my smoke-spewing friends would constantly bombard me with "studies" about how e-cigarettes were healthier than their analog ancestors. For obvious reasons, the argument never swayed me. Being a healthier alternative to cigarettes isn't a high bar to clear and shouldn't be a selling point for anything. "Wanna sniff some sharpies? They're comparatively healthier than cigarettes in the long run."

If you're even slightly aware of e-cigarettes, you've heard the name Juul countless times. The brand became the de facto name for e-cigarettes, similar to Jell-O's dominance in the gelatin world. However, even though they were-and arguably still are a titan in the field- Juul is under massive scrutiny due to a host of negative press and lawsuits. Business Insider's YouTube channel charts Juul's fall from grace in the video linked above.

Juul targeted young people from the outset, as made blatantly clear by ads like this