A truly balanced breakfast

"Part of a balanced breakfast" is one of those bullshit marketing terms that we've all heard a million times and probably never truly paid attention to. The line was usually buried under a few scenes of animated chaos and spouted by an adorable and colorful cereal mascot designed to distract you from the inherent goofiness of ingesting candy for breakfast. In addition to the line itself, cereal commercials always paired the sound byte with an image of a lavish breakfast spread to create the illusion of health. The whole thing was a sham and is a beautiful example of how unscrupulous the world of advertising truly is.

However, if you heard the phrase "part of a balanced breakfast" and saw the video linked above, you'd be more inclined to take the words literally. In the video linked above, you can check out a skilled chef, credited as "xmn99699 (Douyin)," who makes a yin-yang egg breakfast that is perfectly balanced, as all things should be