Watch YouTuber J. Draper show how effective chainmail is at defending against stabbing

Isn't it a hoot to look at old weapons? Whenever a movie features an old flintlock pistol or musket, it automatically becomes more interesting. The inefficiency inherent in the weapon instantly heightens the tension, as we intrinsically understand how unreliable or primitive they are.

The same applies to antiquated methods of defense. Think about how monstrously strong one was required to be when waltzing into a battle with a suit of armor. However, underneath every suit of armor was another incredibly effective and lightweight body armor: chainmail.

Chaimail's utility, with its tightly interconnected web of metal, is obvious. If you encounter the wrong end of a sword, it keeps you from resembling a shish kabob. Well, at least that's the theory, right? In the video linked above, you can check out the YouTube J. Draper, as they provide a helpful visual aid to see how chainmail works to defend against a stabbing.