Herschel Walker delights his lie-loving fans by lying about working in law enforcement

If there's anything MAGA folk enjoy more than handing over their hard-earned money to hypocritic grifters, it's gobbling up lies from wildly unqualified candidates. Take former sportsball icon and GO{ Senate candidate Herschel Walker, winner of the Liesman Trophy for telling more whoppers than any political candidate in recent memory.

Walker, one of Trump's top very special geniuses, recently falsely claimed that he never falsely claimed that he graduated from University of Georgia, a lie-about-a-lie that was debunked by multiple media outlets.

He also boasts of his business acumen, when in fact, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution review of court records "contradicts statements Walker has made about the number of people his companies employ, their size and the assets they own. The review also revealed a string of defaults, settlements and lawsuits alleging that Walker and his businesses owed millions of dollars in unpaid loans."

And now, a new Atlanta Journal-Constitution article reports that Walker has repeatedly lied about working in law enforcement. When asked about his claims, Walker's campaign said Walker is a proud honorary deputy of the Cobb County Police Department. However, according to the paper:

The Cobb County Police Department said it had no record of involvement with Walker. The Cobb Sheriff's Office could not say whether he was an honorary deputy.

But former DeKalb County District Attorney J. Tom Morgan said even if he was, that doesn't mean a lot.

"It gives you absolutely no law enforcement authority," he said. "It's like a junior ranger badge."

Walker's deception-craving fans are sure to shiver with frissons of ecstasy when they read the final paragraph in the article:

For all Walker's stated support of law enforcement, the relationship has not always been smooth. In September 2001, he threatened a shootout with cops responding to a domestic disturbance at his Texas home, according to a police report.

How's that for making America great again?