Man wins horse race

There is apparently a horse race in Wales that's been held every year since 1980, pitting human beings against the mighty Equus. And this year, a human actually won, finishing a 22.5-mile race in 2:22:23, with 1000 people and 50 horses behind him. (The best horse came in 2 minutes later.)

That winner was a 37-year-old Cumbrian named Ricky Lightfoot, who told the BBC that beating a horse was "pretty good, like." He also said that he'd never actually ridden a horse before, although he did once ride a donkey.

Mr. Lightfoot went home with a £3,500 prize, which honestly feels pretty cheap to me for the feat of out-racing a horse. Humans have won the race two other times in the past, first in 2004, then in 2007.

Man v horse: Powys race won by runner Ricky Lightfoot [James McCarthy / BBC]