FOX News host reminds Dr. Oz that he is losing to a candidate who isn't campaigning

While Dr. Oz is having a hard time convincing folks to vote for him, he is happy to claim that he is winning. A FOX News host pointed out what a giant FU it must be, losing to a candidate who has taken a month off campaigning for health issues.

Raw Story:

Fox News host Bill Hemmer called out Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz after he suggested that he was leading in Pennsylvania polls despite being behind.

During an appearance on Fox News, Hemmer pointed to a poll that indicates Democrat John Fetterman has a nine-point lead in the Pennsylvania race. He also observed that Fetterman is taking a break from campaigning while he recovers from a stroke.

"John Fetterman is not campaigning," Hemmer said. "That must be an enormous advantage for you, at least in the early stage. Seems pretty obvious. So if that's the case, not to win a race like this would be a shocker."

"I think I should be favored," Oz replied. "I think I probably am."

"But that poll suggests you're trailing significantly," Hemmer noted.