1920s footage of one of the world's oldest surviving roller coasters

My son got to go on his first rollercoaster recently, and it turns out it's one of the oldest coasters in world still in operation. Here's footage from 1920, or therabouts, of Kennywood Park's Jack Rabbit, surely as terrifying then as it is now!

From Wikipedia:

The Jack Rabbit was built shortly after Miller patented a new track design in 1920 (which all wooden coasters built since have used). This design involved the use of wheels both under and over the track, which allowed Miller to create the then enormous 70-foot (21 m) drop that is the attraction's largest. It is most well known for its double dip element following the lift hill. The double dip produces strong airtime that makes the rider feel that they will be thrown from the seat, and a feeling that the train leaves the track (it rises up but the upstop wheels keep it firmly on the rails).