Giuliani says the "attack" slap on his back was so severe that the "reverberations" nearly knocked over the woman standing beside him

America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani is still complaining to anyone within earshot about the vicious attack he suffered when a man slapped him on the back. And new details have emerged! Very stable genius Rudy went on NewsMax to share the earth-shattering revelation:

NewsMax host: This person with the hand on your back — I gotta be honest, it doesn't look that bad. But I understand that looks can be deceiving.

America's Mayor: You know that was the woman who was rubbing my back, not the guy, in that video you're watching. So that woman gave a statement to the police, that the guy hit me so hard, that she herself almost fell from the reverberation of it.

Watch the video to see the woman that America's Mayor is referring to. As the man hits Rudy with a thunderous blow, you can see a tremendous shockwave emanate in all directions. The quick-acting woman is nearly knocked over but is able to regain her balance and stay on her feet, but just barely. I hope America's Mayor gives her a ticker-tape parade and a key to the city!