Listing for haunted bar for sale features ghosts in the property photos

This is the Breeze In Pub, a bar in the small town of Kempton, Indiana. Legend has it that the bar is haunted by at least six different spirits.

"They like to play with your hair," said Cayenne Foutch who owns the place with her sister Tara Fleming.

When they decided to sell the business, they showed realtor Albert Stancato a binder containing snapshots purportedly depicting the ghosts. In the spirit (ahem) of full disclosure, Stancato decided to treat the paranormal activity as a desirable feature of the building! Look closely at the property photo above, below, and on the listing page.

Unfortunately, Fox 59 reports that Stancato "says the reaction has been great, but he has not received any solid offers so far." If you're interested, it's listed at $250,000.

image: Abbie Stancato/Real Estate Listing

(via Daily Grail)