Manosphere split over abortion bans

The Supreme Court tossing abortion rights has split the Manosphere. On one hand, women are at a legal disadvantage, and in abstract less economically independent and more easily controlled, especially in familial and professional circumstances. On the other hand, women not having abortions will also ensnarl men in consequences and obligations, most pointedly child support payments.

Miles Klee checks out the latest from this particular layer of hell:

Even on the incel boards, where raging misogyny would seem to dictate approval of severe abortion bans, some have their doubts. "I'm starting to think that maybe Abortion should be legal," writes Ika-Sama. "If single mothers don't reproduce, then it would be better overall." Many took pleasure in the despair of women and the "big hit to sluts," as one incel put it — "MAYBE USE CONDOMS YOU DUMB FUCKING FOIDS" was a typical response — and still a kind of ambivalence shines through. It's not like you can expect to track a lot of empathy here; the incels will never find it in them to denounce attacks on women. They will, however, reason that abortion is morally fine, not to mention a check on the growth of non-white demographics