This "Running Up That Hill" a capella rendition is mind blowing

There should be laws against Tik Tok and Netflix joining forces. After Max's epic escape scene from Stranger Things' fourth season went viral, the track that acted as the catalyst for her salvation(Kate Bush's Running up that hill) became a monster hit. The scene prompted an explosion of views for Running up that hill on YouTube and earned Bush $ 2.3 million in royalties. One of the main reasons the song became a viral smash was its presence on Tik Tok. Millions of Tik Tok users, including several that don't even watch Stranger Things, have created copious memes and trends that prominently feature the track. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube a capella group MayTree performs Running up that hill in their signature style. The layered vocals of MayTree perfectly replicate the song's instruments and synths. For my taste, the lead singer does a better job of selling the poignance song's lyrics better than Bush.