Scromiting: a nasty but rare side effect of marijuana use

"Scromiting" is the slang name for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), a rare condition in which too much regular marijuana use causes recurrent and severe vomiting, nausea, and stomach aches. The "scr" in "scromiting" is short for screaming, which apparently some people do in response to the pain which can be quite severe. From Slate:

Though it's unclear why CHS occurs, the symptoms are recognizable. There are three phases to CHS. The first phase often consists of nausea, abdominal pain, light heartburn, and burping. The next phase, which not everyone progresses to, is the hyperemetic phase, and is when that "constant vomiting" occurs, as Alice Moon, who works at the cannabis-focused PR firm Trailblaze explained to me. This might involve loud retching sounds, or "screaming," hence "scromiting." (Scromiting is not exclusively linked to pot use, according to Urban Dictionary, one might scromit because they have homework due soon.) The final phase of CHS is the recovery phase, where the individual must commit to not using cannabis to allow the body to go into recovery[…]

"People don't want to hear it, the only way that CHS will resolve is to discontinue the use of cannabis," Karen Randall, an emergency medicine physician in Colorado, wrote in an email to Slate. "And the CHS may recur for several months as there is a wash out time (which can vary from individual to individual).  The average time to resolve, I am estimating, is about 3 months.  I try to tell my patients that they are 'allergic' to cannabis (similar to having an intolerance to other medications)."