MAGA man faces Federal charges for committing fraud while attempting to own the libs

29-year-old Denis Vladmirovich Molla reported to police and insurance that his MAGA flag emblazoned camper was set on fire and his home vandalized. The US Attorney's office claims he did it all himself.

CBS Minnesota:

Molla reported to police that someone set fire to his camper "because it had a Trump 2020 flag displayed on it," and spray painted the Antifa or anarchy symbol, "BLM" and "Biden 2020" on his garage door. The U.S. Attorney's Office says Molla actually lit the fire and defaced the garage himself.

Court documents show that Molla then "submitted multiple insurance claims seeking coverage for the damage to his garage, camper, vehicles, and residence caused by the fire."

Molla submitted insurance claims totaling more than $300,000, receiving only $61,000 in the process. He then accused his insurance company of "defrauding him." Court documents show he also yielded more than $17,000 from two GoFundMe accounts.