A ball-tanning enthusiast proclaims his love of a shirtless horseback rider

Frozen food heir and He-Man Woman Hater's Club president Tucker Carlson goes on a rant wherein Putin is awesome, and US leadership is awful. Putin's #1 also took a shot at AOC because he clearly has some issues there.

Crooks and Liars:

"Is Vladimir Putin more communist than Sandy Cortez [AOC]?" Tucker asked. "Is Putin throwing Americans in jail for attending political rallies at the Capitol? Is he trying to confiscate the rifles from your bedroom?"

The armed Jan. 6 insurrection wasn't a political rally at the Capitol. No one is going through random Americans' homes to confiscate their firearms. Tucker knows this. He's just playing to his viewers. Putin is a mass murderer. Tucker is again playing to his viewers. Republicans should just move to Russia.

Carlson's evidence for his excuses for Russia's appalling actions consists only of the Fox News host's use of sarcasm.

Image: screen grab